Weekly Thoughts of a Radio Presenter – Volume 2

Friends, Listeners, Haters, Followers, Trolls or what ever you maybe called, welcome to another “Weekly Thoughts of a Radio Presenter – Volume 2”. Yeah, volume 2. Ok its a little bit later than last week but maybe a blog on a Sunday is a good idea, if I can finish on a Sunday this is, its currently Monday evening, oops.

Stories this week: Periscope, Chewing Gumgate, Rhyl Reunion.

Last week I went all tech and down with the kids, I “Periscoped”, not sure if that is even an official word but anyway, its an app on the smartphone, lets you do live video to the world.  Oddly 54 people in the space of 5 minutes watched me sat in a box, rather strange.  Due to the wonderful world of technology  people could send me message like “Hello from Hong Kong” and “What are you doing”, fascinating. I’ll upload the videos as a Vlog later, you can watch me talking to myself.

Some things in life annoy me, not many, but this one did.  Somebody thought it would be a wonderful idea to leave a ball of chewed chewing gum on the desk, not under the desk, on the desk.  To make things worse it was even left a few centimetres from a computer mouse … MY HAND COULD OF TOUCHED IT !!!!, who does that ? Even left rolled up in some paper would of been better or underneath where nobody can see it.  I never did find out who did it, they probably won’t admit it but I will be sniffing out a whiff of mint from now on.

And finally … Saturday 12th September seen me in DJ mode for the BIG Rhyl Reunion.  Been a few months since my last gig at the Cob & Pen in Rhyl, but what a night it was, complete with fancy dress … and yes I did dress up, I went as Dennis The Menace :) Smashed out the non stop 80s hits until 1am, fantastic atmosphere and some great fancy dress costumes.  Ok it did go with a little hitch, but the perfectionist won’t mention this, nobody noticed … I think.  Another one of those quiet nights which turned into a 4:30am stroll home looking like a member of the BEANO.

Anyway thats enough of this typing malarkey its Monday, this should of been finished on Sunday, I’ll tell you why it’s late next week … Tatty Bye for now :)

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