Weekly Thoughts of a Radio Presenter – Volume 1

Oh isn’t this splendid, I decided this week to totally rip apart my fabulous old site (designed and built by me) for this WordPress stuff, its the future … apparently.

Also its just means I can fill up everyones Twitter and Facebook timeline with my face, happy days.  Plenty more still to do on the site as well, you may have noticed the PODCAST link, its something I’ve been planning to work on for months, maybe years, I dunno, time goes to quickly sometimes … it’s took me 2 hours just to write this far.

Yeah, so the podcast will appear soon, maybe 2016, who knows but its will be good, hopefully.

Other things this week, it went to quickly, where did time go?? I took Bank Holiday Monday off after a busy Air Show weekend and somehow we are already at Friday, sometimes life just needs a pause button, I think a stop button might be too much.

Anyway in that short amount of space I worked my radio magic (I can blow my own trumpet, its my blog) and covered some very odd stories, one being the Gravy Wrestling Championships … what ever floats your gravy boat I suppose … haha see what I did there.

Also in Radioland I put together a studio in a shopping outlet, here is a picture of me in that studio :)

Me in the studio

Me in the studio

It is a good and fun experience, but strangely weird … to explain, its a bit like when you go to the zoo and see the chimps behind the glass, you kind of have to perform for people as the just stare or pull strange faces and carry on being a chimp.

On that note I’m done here for this week, come back next week when I probably type a little bit less each week, but in the mean time share this post using the Facebook and Twitter share stuff below, you can use Google+ as well but nobody will see it, the follow me on Twitter.

Tatty bye for now !

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