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When I started these blogs I said it wouldn’t last very long and I would become bored of them, it seems that have slightly happened as I forgot the other week completely.  Anyway, to compensate I will be showing you my last 7 days using the media of photograph … Ready? lets go

Saturday 26th September

It was the big one England vs Wales in the Rugby World Cup, I stayed in that night, here is a very sheepish looking Bailey dog, he was just as nervous about the game as I was.

Sunday 27th September

This is what happens when I don’t go out the night before, I spend to much time on photoshop, a large amount of people thought this billboard was real thing, think I fooled myself too, good work Craig.


Monday 28th September

Two pictures during this day. On the left we have the brand new DJ speakers, see a previous blog about their story and to the right, apparently the greatest picture ever taken of Rhyl Railway Station, not my words.

speakers train


Tuesday 29th September

I’d worked out I had not had a beer for 10 days and I had a neatly trimmed beard, normality was restored, beard is still neatly trimmed.

photo 1


Wednesday 30th September

Here is me with the lovely Diane Youdale, she was Jet from ITV’s Gladiator’s in the 90s, she is now a Psychotherapist and Fitness instructor, we did some radio, laughed a lot and did more radio, great fun.

photo 2

Thursday 1st October

Just look at that sky, just look at it … Amazing, sooo many colours. Autumn looks amazing and oddly too much like the summer we didn’t have.

photo 3


Friday 2nd October

Today was my sisters 30th birthday, probably should of took some pictures but I didn’t so here is a picture of me with a nicely trimmed beard :)

Saturday 3rd October

And finally … there is not much more I can say than … DJ’ed at a birthday party, England lost in the rugby and a stripper turned up … great day.

photo 5


And there you have it … My week summed up in 8 pictures instead of 7

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