Need an Alexa Skill for your Radio Station?

So, you need an Alexa Skill for your Radio Station?

Smartspeakers are the latest way for listeners to connect and listen to your radio station.

Listeners can now connect to your radio station an listen using a “smartspeaker voice command” instead of searching for your station online or tuning in on a fiddly FM/DAB radio dial.

Maybe you are an FM/DAB radio station or an online radio station looking into having your own Alexa Skill but don’t know where to start, fear not, I can help.

Your radio station will benefit from its skill by not having to go through third party skills such as “TuneIn” and you can keep track of statistics.

An Alexa Radio Station Skill can be made for your station and submitted to the Amazon App Store within a space of 7 days and I can also provided year long support for your skill.

All you need is secure stream from your broadcast server, such as Shoutcast which you can find HERE and a radio station name which you chosen command (Play, Launch, Load).

For a great competitive rate and year long support of your skill, send your details using the contact form below.






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