Personalised Audio Christmas Message from Santa Claus

Ho Ho Ho! It’s not long until the BIG day, Christmas 2020 and after the year the world has had I am offering a Christmas treat for all the children.

A personalised audio message from Santa Claus himself sent directly to your Facebook Messenger or Email for just £3.

Its a perfect message to play to your child/children on the lead up to Christmas or the night before to add some extra excitement.

Please answer the 7 questions using the email form at the bottom of this page for Santa to record a personal message for your child

  1. Childs First Name
  2. Have the been Good or Naughty this year?
  3. Boy or Girl ?
  4. Your Name (eg Mum, Dad, Mummy, Nan, Grandad etc)
  5. Something the child has done this year that the name above is proud of
  6. Town or City your child is from
  7. What treats will your child be leaving for Santa?


You have until Sunday 20th December to order yours!

You can make your order directly using the email form at the bottom of this page or the Facebook Messenger Chat. 

Once you have sent the answers to the 7 questions below you will be sent PayPal details for your purchase. (All answer will be deleted after recording is complete to comply with GDPR)

Or you can make an order using Fiverr (£4 site charges included) HERE