Rain on the planes and my first IKEA EXPERIENCE !!!

Thought I’d keep you up to date with my weekly adventures with some blog posts while not on the radio, its a slightly long one, if you don’t want to read but would like to show your support click a link, if not, continue reading ….

The rain on planes falls mainly on you…

As weekends go mine was a first, a first for everything that is.  We hit the road at around 12pm on Sunday afternoon powered by a KFC complete with a large Pepsi heading in the direction of Manchester, that’s Manchester Airport to be exact.

Its been 15 years since my last visit to Manchester Airport, that time I was on my way to Tenerife, this time not that far, just to the Runway Park in fact.  After tootling along the A55 and M56 plus other big roads on a pleasant Sunday we then went and happily played plane spotters until it pissed it down. Oh well all was not lost, we still managed to watch an A380 take off while everyone ran back to their cars. Being Welsh we just put our hoods up.

Here is some live footage below … watch them run lol

Swedish retail mayhem !!!

After becoming bored of the wet weather a suggestion was made about a visit to IKEA in Warrington, obviously I happily agreed, well what an experience that was …

Before even entering the yellow and blue building it became an nightmare fight just to find a place to park, it was similar to a pride of lions stalking a zebra, luckily we were the biggest lion and bagged ourselves a zebra or parking space for that matter.

Upon walking into IKEA after dodging the rain it seemed like I was at a theme park! Children running everywhere, scream and shouting with parents just as excited about visiting.  Notably the ‘shopping experince” begins upstairs via escalators.  We’ve a huge yellow bag in hand we began our descent into the abyss.

To sum up how felt what I was experiencing at the time would be ‘odd’, it was like being in a museum of the future, similar to an EXPO exhibition of maybe a Disney exhibition “The House of the Future”.  People were in and out of these futuristic displays as we all walked around like working ants.  If you were looking for a specific item and it was at the very end of the shop you had a bit of a walk and no doubt would end up looking or buying something else on your way around, very clever sales and marketing.

The best way to describe the size of this store is that we stopped halfway for coffee and cake just to keep our energy up to reach then end.  We did leave with some items, or tat if you prefer at a very low price, but quality was high.

Would I return to IKEA? probably but with a back pack and stick to fight my way through quicker.

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Laters, Craig K.

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