My surprise ‘voice’ appearance on Channel 5 show “Bargain Living Brits in the Sun”

So here is one I was not expecting, a surprise appearance on Channel 5 in voice form.

Here is how it all began, back in the summer of 2022 I received a message from an old friend, someone who I had supported locally with their singing career and incidentally they were the first on air radio in studio radio interview.  That person was singer Ben Alexandra, some of you may know him as Kameelion.

I helped him out during last year with a few voiceovers for his Take That tribute act that tours the bars and clubs of Benidorm, I then did an intro for his solo Neil Diamond act a little later in the year.

And them to my surprise while watching Bargain Living Brits in the Sun on Channel 5 knowing that Ben would be featured I was shocked to hear my voice pop up mid show.

Watch the clip below