Craig has been making music now for 10 years and more now. Most of his early music consisted of a mish mash of old and modern day samples with a twist and pinch of electro vibes after being strongly influenced into the world of music production by Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim. Over the years his genre has varied alot, sometimes he can be producing soulful Hip Hop and next a rock influenced House track. Other influeneces have been 90s indie and house music, The Beatles, 60s rock music, psychedelia, soul, funk etc.

Craig learnt valuble recording studio techniques for his tutor Charlie Goodall (who discovered Welsh singer “Duffy”) while attend Coleg Harlech in 2008, here he had the oppitunity to work with other students and artists. At the time Craig was a self taught guitar player and DJ but found himself more comfortable behind the glass and in front of a mixing desk than performing. It was here where Craig worked with The Lieutenants and other acoustic and Hip Hop artist. Craig also managed to produced an eclectic mix of music to help build his porfolio.

Craig produces music in his own home studio using professional studio recording software (Logic and Reason). He also produces under his pseudonym Dub Munkey.

If you are a self inspired artist and looking for someone to produce and write music please contact Craig through the contact page above.

Examples of past and present work

Dub Munkey – Fog Of Love by dub-munkey

Dub Munkey – Come’s This Way (Working title) by dub-munkey

Cee Lo Green vs Michael Jackson – Bright Lights, Billie Jean (Dub Munkey Mashup) by dub-munkey


More music examples and demo’s at the Dub Munkey SoundCloud Page.

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