LISTEN: A trip back into the radio funnies archive – ADVERTS

So many moons ago, about 5 years ago I used to do the Saturday morning breakfast show, god knows how but I did.  During this enthusiastic time I put together some silly radio adverts based around stupid unavailable to buy products and shops that didn’t exist, they’re fairly funny I suppose, so I thought I’d share them with you … Oh I forgot to mention there is much double entendre, enjoy.

VIDEO 1 – Everyone needs a Sausage Wallet …. don’t they?

VIDEO 2 – There is no better way to keep your balls clean 😉

VIDEO 3 – Try your best not to pull the skin :L

VIDEO 4 – TITS is always the best place … thats Terry’s International Tool Shed of course

So there you go, I little bit of comedy gold, ok maybe comedy bronze. Maybe I should pull my finger out write some more, who knows. For now though I hope you enjoyed, share the post with a friend if you like, Ta-ra.

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