If it all goes wrong … KEEP CALM & CARRY ON !!!


It’s not everyday something goes monumentally wrong on my show, not even monthly, but when it does go wrong it happens in spectacular fashion.  The thing with radio is, as a presenter you are fully in control, unless your show engineered by someone that is, I push the buttons, faders, choose the music, do the talky bits etc, if it goes wrong the worst possible thing is silence and in radio, dead air is terrible.

So here is what happened. I was happily playing “Blue Suede – Hooked on a Feeling”, classic track, until “numpty” here pulls out a USB stick, this shouldn’t have caused any problems, but it did.  Suddenly North Wales is hearing 1 second loop of the track, over and over again … would it stop? NO!  I went into radio presenter overdrive haha, I’ve never been so cool, calm and collective over an awkward situation.

Take a listen for yourself, its quite funny and possible RADIO GOLD, Listen to the shear confusion and me trying to multi-task on air liked nothing had happened haha.




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