Helen Mirren with a sleeve tattoo ?

So, Dame Helen Mirren, 70, award winning British female actor (actress) is considering adding another tattoo, this time in form of a “sleeve tattoo” with snakes to go along with her other rebellious tattoo from years back.

Don’t ask me about tattoos I honestly don’t see the point in them and I’m not one bit interested in putting a random picture on my arm, chest or leg, the reason why could write a blog post of it’s own, anyway each to their own, if she wants to do it then fine.

Here is what she might look like:


helentatooI’ve seen worse I suppose ? what do you think then ? tacky ? suits her ? no no no she’s too old?

It leaves the question “Would you be happy if you Mum or Nan, aged 70, came home with one, how would you react?” We shall discuss this in full on Wednesday 13th April on the radio :)


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