Goodbye Mr Bowie and thanks for all the hits

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I would never really consider myself a HUGE David Bowie fan, don’t get me wrong I do like his music, many of his songs and his creativity, I just wouldn’t class myself as a superfan/follower if that makes sense.

All that in mind it was a bit odd to hear of his passing on the radio this morning, one because he was in a dream I was having (guessing that was a subliminal message from the radio). Two, we were talking about him on Saturday Brunch, in which I even attempted a very bad impression of him and three, it just seem like a household name, a name in music that always been there is gone.

I remember as a kid listening to Bowie, my Dad had a 4 CD collection of his back catalogue, great music .. it even appeared back in the car today on the way to the studio to mark his death and the tracks still sounds as fresh today even though it was 40 years old plus since there release.  I guess that was down to his musical creativity an innovator of music, people are still using his influences and styles today and will probably go on to for years to come.

According to statistics he had 61 UK top 40 hits and 5 UK number ones and I reckon anyone who knows his names has at least one favourite even if they don’t class themselves and a huge David Bowie fan like myself.

Goodbye Mr Bowie and thanks for all the hits.

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