From Darkness To Light Podcast – EPISODE ONE – Ellis

From Darkness To Light – EPISODE ONE – Ellis

Craig & Kerry tell you the story of their life living through miscarriage, premature birth and a global pandemic over a space of 1 year.

Episode 1 will take you back to June 2019 with the heartbreaking story of birth of their son Ellis.

This podcast is to help raise awareness of less spoken about subjects such as miscarriage, still birth, baby loss and premature birth.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and using the player below.

Listen to EPISODE 2 – Throught the Darkness and into the Dark HERE


2 thoughts on “From Darkness To Light Podcast – EPISODE ONE – Ellis

  1. Wow I have just sat for an hour.. silently listening to you both talk about your ordeal.. How brave are you two ? .. <3 <3 .. I have wept with you both throughout this episode.. so heartbreakingly so sad, R.I.P Baby Eliss xx Here's to listening to the light next episode much love to you both xx

  2. Thank you Rose, it has been a difficult time, but we hope our story helps others who have struggled to talk about it

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