Craig K’s Typically British Podcast


I’m excited to announce the official name for my new podcast which will hopefully online for your listening pleasure via the power of iTunes in the next few days.

I intend to bring you a 30 minute podcast or more each week with a round up of all the strange and perculiaur stories from Great Britain … yes it’s true some of the strangest things happen here too.

I’ll also be looking for a quiz contestant each week from outside of the UK to make an appearance via Skype and I will be including interviews with strange and wonderful people of the world, so if you are from outside the United Kingdom and you have something interesting to discuss or you want to take part please email using the contact page above.

In order to keep the podcast running I will also be looking for some sort of sponsor or advertiser from anywhere in the world, once again contact me using the contact page.

Keep an eye out for posts at and on my Twitter page

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