Helen Mirren with a sleeve tattoo ?


So, Dame Helen Mirren, 70, award winning British female actor (actress) is considering adding another tattoo, this time in form of a “sleeve tattoo” with snakes to go along with her other rebellious tattoo from years back. Don’t ask me about tattoos I honestly don’t see the point in them … Continue reading

VIDEO: Thursday Radio Studio Periscope Fun


Did you miss the live Persicope from the studio on Thursday 28th January ? If you said Yes! then you can watch half of it again here, enjoy If you missed today’s Periscope broadcast you can watch it here Full 20 video here – https://www.periscope.tv/w/aXph7Tc4MjEyMHwxbFBLcWdSUFpiTkpiCUu7urn5m7fSPbqfhnnJ0BX4bI_hLACRMrm8zR_D_1E= Posted by Craig K on … Continue reading

Today’s #BackToTheFutureDay Intro if you missed it

Picture 13

So today is Wednesday 21st October if you didn’t know it is also “Back To The Future Day” a day to celebrate the day that Marty and the Doc went to back to the future, well the Doc did anyway. As a homage to this special day I spent too … Continue reading

If it all goes wrong … KEEP CALM & CARRY ON !!!


  It’s not everyday something goes monumentally wrong on my show, not even monthly, but when it does go wrong it happens in spectacular fashion.  The thing with radio is, as a presenter you are fully in control, unless your show engineered by someone that is, I push the buttons, … Continue reading