X Factor Peter Dickson Style Voice Over – The Booming Voice Over Guy

Personalise your DJ live streaming or live DJ sets with an X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent style voice intro!

Have a booming voice over in a very close style/impression of the X Factor voiceover as an introduction to your DJ set, live music gig, award ceromeony the list goes on and on, all with your own starting choice of 25 words for a nominal fee.  It doesn’t just have to be an intro it can be a sentence of your choice too.

You can make a full order using  the web service Fiverr!.

You will be sent a high quality recording to you preference, either as a wav or MP3 recording.

Check out my BOOMING VOICE OVER GUY showreel below for an example of what you will get!


What do I need?

Simple, I will require as script of what you would like me to record, no longer than 25 words, if you wish for your script to be longer than 25 words this can be arranged at and extra cost.  You can post your words using the form below.

How do I pay for the recording?

You can pay for your recording submitting your script using my Fiverr, will send once you have submitted your script using the form below.

How long will it take for you to record my script?

Your script will be recorded and sent to you within 2-3 days, you can request a recording done in 24 hours for an extra charge on request or using Fiverr.

How can I use the recording?

You have full rights to use the recording as you please as long as it is not used in an advertisement broadcast on radio/TV, this would require and extra charge.

Can I add your voice to music?

Yes, as long as you have a licence for the music.

You can order now using Fiverr by clicking the logo below.